Underwater by Becky Brown

Mixed by Eric N. (Using Logic)


Vocals: Taryn Snyder

Guitar: Bruce Middle

Bass: Jackson Wright

Drums: Prof. M. Snyder

Fellow Group Members: Becky Brown, Gabe Cowan, and Melissa Jones

Mics and Techniques

Drums: Simple recorder man method using PG81’s for over heads along with sm57 on snare and the AKG D12 on the kick. The overheads used the UA pre and everything else was though the board.

Guitar: sm57 in the amp pointing towards the side of the speaker cone using the UA pre.

Bass: Direct out form the amp to the board.

Vocals: Cv4 using the UA pre.

I would also like mention Cole Masaitis, and Courtney Briggs for their help.

This was an interesting experience, our group was unable to find a band for this project. Becky our producer composed this arrangement in a matter of days for a band that was created at the last minute. Because of Her, Prof. Snyder, and Gabe we were able to get a band and have something to mix.

The mix

For the Vocals I panned the doubles then bussed all of the vocals to a single fader and added the effects there. I used an EQ and a vocal compressor then added some reverb to balance out the vocals. The kick and snare were gated, equalized, and compressed prior to busing. EQ and compression were also used on the overheads prior to busing to refine the snare and cymbals. Once bussed the Drums were further equalized and compressed to give them more body. I used the bass amp creator along with come compression and EQ to filter out the drums form the base and give it a deeper timbre. Finally rounding out the guitar I used a combination of, expander on the intro, a combination of overdrive and expander on the rhythm section, and equalized both the bridge and arpeggiated lead.