Resume (Draft)

Jonathan Erickson

Address: 1316 Payne Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

Phone: 703-939-4436


I wish to gain working experience in the field of computer science, to learn new skills and improve existing ones. I want to make a difference in the world through my knowledge of technology and computing so that other people can live a safer and more luxurious lifestyle.


  • Working on a computer science Bachelors of Science degree and would be interested in following up with a masters program in the future after gaining some work experience
  • Have taken multiple classes in cybersecurity alongside the normal computer science curriculum
  • Have competence in java, c++, c, and PostgreSQL. Have some experience with Python, javascript, and MySQL. Have done a little work with Ruby. I am familiar with Vim text editor, GDE debugger, Netbeans for Java, Visual Studio for C/C++, and both JetBrains PyCharm and BlueJ for python programming. I have some experience with assembly code, as well.
  • Projects I have worked on include a text-based game engine, utilized format string vulnerabilities, buffer overflow vulnerabilities, and return to libc vulnerabilities to obtain a root-privilege shell in a controlled environment, and have developed various small applications with practical uses.
  • Worked 8 years as a martial arts instructor at Karate Masters located at 1514 Belle View Blvd. Alexandria, Virginia 22307
  • Achieved 3rd degree black belt at the age of 13
  • Obtained Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts and was indoctrinated into the Order of the Arrow
  • Trained leadership skills as the Senior Patrol Leader in Boy Scouts
  • Took formal classical guitar lessons for 7 years and more recently have been practicing electric and acoustic guitar styles


Computer Science major at the University of Mary Washington

Personal Interests:

Camping, digital and traditional art, audio recording, cinematography, game design, cooking, martial arts, Dungeons and Dragons, strategy games, teaching others new skills

Jack Black Taught Me This One – Drake’s Edit

For our final project, Emily, Alex, Sami, and I recorded “Jack Black Taught Me This One” by smallhands. We began with a scratch track of the drums and electric guitar recorded to a click track. Once we had done that, we over dubbed all the instruments over the scratch track.

We recorded the drums using the Recorderman method. For the bass drum, we used the AKG D112. For sound quality, we placed a blanket inside the bass drum, removed the head, and placed the mic very close to the far side inside the bass drum. For the snare, we placed an SM57 on the underside of the drum in order to minimize some of the hi-hat noise. We used two Audio Technica 4033’s for the overheads.

For the electric guitar and bass, we put two Sennheiser MD 421’s on the amp. We placed one of the mics further back to minimize phase issues. The bass was also sent direct. Both the electric guitar and bass were recorded with distortion.

We used the Miktek Cv4 as a room mic during all solo recordings of the instruments to get a more ambient, live sound that smallhands likes to have. We also used this mic for Winston’s vocals.

For the piano, we used two Audio Technica 4033’s in a spaced stereo pair orientation. We used the upright piano in the control room rather than the grand piano because we decided that the sound of the upright was a greater pair to the song. We also used the 4033’s for the violin, which was distant miked.

In my edit, I mainly added compression to all the tracks, and EQed to attenuate any displeasing noises or frequencies. I also added reverb to the vocals. I also tried to focus on the violin and piano sounds to hone in on the prettier ambience that the band was going for on this recording.


Drake and Sami Electric Guitar Recording

For our recording we recorded Brandon Woodson playing an original riff. For sources we used my own knowledge and sound on sound.

For the first recording we placed an SM57 at the bottom right of the amp speaker about six inches away.

This sounded pretty good but we decided to try a Miktek C7 to see how that sounded. It ended up being a pretty clean sound but it was more jangly than the 57.


For the third recording we decided to try the 57 again since we liked it’s sound and we set it up in the top left of the speaker this time about a foot away. This ended up being our favorite of the three recordings.

Sami’s small hand’s mix

The drums have DirMix, Envelop, Mcrphas, Subbass, Correlation, Binaural, Matc EQ, Matrix, Gate, Adlimit.  Vocals have Space designer, ChanEQ, Guitar has overdrv, Expand, MatchEQ, EVOC FB, Ringshift,BPM, Everything has a compressor.  I trimmed the bass guitar track, made a copy of the parts that arn’t big on the bass guitar so they don’t have the bit crusher and Comp.  But only the first 3 minutes and seven seconds will come up so you don’t get to see that part which is why I don’t want to submit my own music this way.